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IV Sedation Dentistry

When oral sedation is not enough to “take the edge off,” Dr. Bradd Testerman is licensed in IV sedation. Unlike general anesthesia, in which a patient is unable to breathe without assistance, conscious sedation allows you to remain awake, relaxed, and pain-free, while still being able to respond to instructions like "open" and "close."

The benefit of IV sedation over oral sedation is that it allows Dr. Bradd Testerman to control the amount of anesthesia you receive. He can adjust the level of sedation periodically, according to your unique needs. Patients with dental anxiety or who have trouble relaxing with other methods of sedation benefit from this safe, effective procedure. Dr. Testerman will explain the procedure in detail and give you instructions to follow the day of your IV sedation appointment.

Call our Lebanon, OH dental office to schedule your checkup or consultation, and watch your smile’s story unfold! Dr. Gregg and Dr. Bradd Testerman serve patients from Lebanon, Mason, Middletown, and the surrounding areas.

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