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Passionate about making you smile.

I am very happy with my decision to start coming here. They are professional and everyone was very welcoming! They also explained everything so well, I felt like they really care. I only wish I hadn't waited so long to switch. I'm going to switch my son to them as well. I have already recommended them to someone else too!

Melanie Leeson

I had a crown and a filling replaced. I had set aside the whole afternoon, planning on a painful recovery and lots of swelling. Instead, I was in and out of the chair in about 90 minutes! The crown was milled on site with the latest technology, and while I was waiting for that, my other filling was removed and replaced. It really was painless! I kept waiting for pain and swelling to arrive after my Novocaine wore off, but that didn't happen either. I feel great today and the work is beautiful! Dr Gregg is highly skilled and a fantastic dentist. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone who has ever felt anxiety about dental work.

Julie Bolton



Greg Testerman of Testerman Dental performed a total oral reconstruction of my teeth and bite. He re-built and brought all my teeth back to their original fit, form and function and gave me back my full smile. The professionalism, attention to detail, concern for the patient and courtesy provided by Testerman Dental's Staff was truly unsurpassed and beyond all expectations! I am ecstatic with the results provided by Testerman Dental.

Jim Streck

Dr. Bradd is my hero!  He did a root canal with no pain and the next day recovery was painless as well.  I vote to give him a week off for a nice fishing trip!  He is the best and the office staff is wonderful.  Voted best in Ohio by me!

Jared Robb


Both Gregg and Bradd Testerman provide state-of-the-art professional service.  Testerman Dental has made a commitment to their patients that they should receive the best that present day technology has to offer.  No longer waiting for temporaries and crowns; service is computerized and with the experience of these two dentists, the patient can expect perfect satisfaction.

Gene Highsmith


I've been coming to a Dr. Testerman since I was a toddler. Since I'm over fifty now, that means that I'm now working with my third generation (Woody, then Gregg, and now Bradd). I cannot say enough good things about this practice, the doctors, and all the staff.

Edward Napier






Dr. Gregg and Staff:

From my initial consultation to the end result no one word can describe the experience.  The whole office was professional, personable, thorough, and probably above all, knowledgeable. The entire staff guided me through the maintenance stage to ultimately the reconstruction stage. Dr. Gregg your process and operation is seamless.

To you and your staff, my best regards.

God Bless,

J.R. Thomas



As a teenager, a farm accident destroyed several of my front teeth, and consequently, over the past 48 yrs. I've been seen by many different dentists, involving various types of treatments. I can honestly say that my decision to have the implant procedure done was the best one I've made.  I'd read all about them, but was hesitant to make such an important change.  You and your staff were everything I'd hoped for throughout the entire process, and the end results were just wonderful. It couldn't have turned out better, and I strongly recommend it for anyone. Just being able to eat "corn on the cob" again makes it all worthwhile. You all are the "best" - worth every penny.

Thanks again for everything,

Kenn Maggard



I had worn dentures for many years. I had never been very happy with them and then I found Testerman Dental. This is a professional and caring team of people. Dr. Gregg is patient and always listens. The staff is concerned and really cares about your needs and wants. I have a Hollywood smile and could not be more satisfied!



The staff and Dr. Gregg at Testerman Dental go the extra mile. They make you feel like family.
They all are wonderful!

Kristen's first dental visit with Dr. Gregg.

Only a "few" years later..what a beautiful smile!

 I had a very good experience at Testerman Dental with Dr. Gregg. I love
my teeth and my smile!





Dr. Gregg Testerman made new dentures and inserted dental implants for me this year. This was my 2nd set of dentures in 15 months, the first set made by another dentist and all through Dr. Gregg's process he assured me that if I was not completely satisfied with the results of his work he'd, "start all over again" and keep working "until you're happy." Over a period of 2 months and about 8 office visits Dr. Gregg worked at making, fitting, and adjusting my new dentures to the highest quality possible before ever allowing me to leave his office with the dentures in place. He reassured me time after time during the process, "I want you to be satisfied. If you are not happy, we'll start all over again."

Well, the new dentures were finally finished and I'm so very, very happy with the results! Dr. Testerman did such a great job and his work is so beautiful! He made my new dentures to look more natural than what I'd had before and boy do they look great! Its great knowing my dentures are securely in place, I can smile again, and that I can eat foods that I haven't been able to for so long. I'd recommend Dr. Gregg and Testerman Dental to anyone at any time. The work performed is excellent and the office staff is friendly and always helpful.
Dr. Gregg Testerman is a great dentist! Thank you Dr. Gregg!!!!

Carol Polen

Dr. Gregg placed the Mini Implants this year to secure my lower denture.
The implants are great! I should have done it a long time ago!

Jim Bishop

"I have been a patient of Testerman Dental since 1951 when I started going to Dr. Woody Testerman, Dr. Gregg's father and Dr. Bradd's grandfather. I remember fondly having an appointment with Dr. Woody around Christmas time one year and seeing Dr. Gregg across the hall putting toys together for his little boys during his lunch.

My family shares in the three generation tradition as well, since all three doctors have provided my daughter, her children and me with all our dental needs. They are the best and always stay up with new technology. We have always had wonderful dental experiences and always feel taken care of!"

Virginia B.

Nice teeth for age 91! Thanks to you Dr. Gregg.
Mary McCurdy




Dear Dr. Gregg,
You did the best job on my teeth. I just thank the Lord for my smile I never had before. Everyone in the Office are blessings to me.
Deetta Heizer




PatientDr. Gregg,
I am so happy with my new dentures. The mini implants keep them in place, and I'm enjoying foods I haven't been able to eat for some time. I'm learning to smile again and show my teeth. They look so pretty. Everyone on your staff has made my visits very pleasant. Thank you so much.
Barb Ennis



I have to compliment the office of Testerman Dental.  I really like coming here because everyone is on the same page.  The team members and Doctor does not talk amongst themselves and ignore the patient.  I always feel like I am the main focus!
Adria Patel

Patient“My association with your dental group started in 1968 when, after moving to Lebanon, I had a dental emergency. Even though we had never met before, Dr. Woody was kind enough to meet me at his office at 10:00 p.m. to treat me for my very painful infection (which ended up needing a root canal). How comforting it was to be so readily accepted! 40 years and many procedures later, including routine maintenance visits, gum disease treatments, caps, implants, and more, I am still a very happy patient. And, I am honored to have frequently had the pleasure and confidence to recommend my friends to Dr. Gregg and Testerman Dental.”

Julia Rodenbeck

Patient“My relationship with Dr. Gregg began over four years ago. My family and I had recently relocated to the Cincinnati area from Florida. It was a Friday evening, and I was scheduled to fly on business on Monday. I was having dinner, bit into something hard, and my front tooth broke off at the gum line! I was in a panic! We called a neighbor who turned out to be a patient of Dr. Gregg’s, and like most of us, had become friends with him over time. Later that evening, Dr. Gregg called me at home and asked if I could meet him at his office on Saturday morning (when his offices were normally closed). He spent most of that morning replacing the front tooth with a temporary tooth, allowing me to travel on Monday. My confidence in Dr. Gregg, Dr. Bradd, and their entire team has only grown since then. They deliver quality care, utilizing the latest techniques and technology, and their caring, family approach is unmatched!”

Tom Fowler

Patient“Where do I begin? Drs. Gregg and Bradd, and their entire team are like family! Even with our ever-changing schedules, they have always been there for us. We have lived all over the country and love our ’smiles’ from Testerman Dental! “

Marilyn Fowler


Patient“I used to be one of those people who dreaded going to the dentist. However, since coming to Testerman Dental, my attitude has completely changed. They understood that my inhibitions about pain and drilling were very real, but because of their friendly atmosphere and their professional attitude, they were able to alleviate my fears, and as a result, my teeth have been in tip-top shape ever since. In fact, it is not unusual to have my friends and relatives compliment me on my beautiful smile!”

Carol Testerman


Patient“My experiences with Testerman Dental and Dr. Gregg have been outstanding. His group is very professional, and they make you feel like part of a family. Dr. Gregg goes out of his way to make sure your dental work is flawless. He demands perfection in everything he does, and I am so pleased with his work that I feel happier, and I smile more than ever. Thanks!”

Jack Collopy




Finally, I can smile and not feel embarrassed! I’ve always been a very happy person, but hated to laugh or smile because I hated my teeth. At last you have made it possible to be proud of my smile!

You and your team were so very good to me and supportive through the whole process. You should be very proud of your entire dedicated team. I really appreciate everyone’s hard work and support. Thank you so very much. I love my teeth and new smile.

Amy Watson


“Dr. Bradd and his team are simply wonderful! Sherrie really made me feel welcome, and she shared in my excitement over winning the tooth whitening REPTAM (NO IDEA WHAT REPTAM IS!). Marcia educated me during the best tooth cleaning I’ve ever had, and she gave me such friendly and personal guidance that I was ready and excited to practice everything I learned when I got home. My initial welcome appointment with Kristin, my follow-up meeting with Rae Lynn to discuss patient fees and insurance, and of course, Dr. Bradd’s warm and friendly attitude toward his patients made me feel welcome and cared about. Dr. Bradd and his friendly, caring team of professionals make each visit a pleasure. Thank you!”

Jean Howell

Dear Dr. Bradd,

I want you to know how much I appreciated you whitening my teeth for our wedding! From the photo, you can see I was a very happy bride and your work made it easy to smile so big.
You are a great dentist and all you've done for me is so much appreciated!

With warmest regards,

Kate Zale

Dear Dr. Gregg,

With much regret, I will be moving and will no longer be able to drive the distance to Lebanon.
Please know, I have thoroughly enjoyed you, Dr. Bradd and your entire staff. Your professionalism, warmth and kindness to me (and Don) over the years, has been the finest.

Most Sincerely,

Judy Evans

Dr. Gregg,

How do I say thank you for making me feel so much better with my mini implants and new teeth?  I feel like a different person!  I had trouble wearing my lower dentures because my gums were always sore and my dentures moved around when I ate.  I feel like smiling now, and can eat without pain.  I no longer worry about my dentures moving around.  My daughter recommended you for the procedure and I feel fortunate to find a great doctor such as yourself, as well as a very friendly and helpful staff.  I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is in need of mini implants. 

Thank you so much,

Mary Robbins

Dear Dr. Testerman,

Thank you for the warm and hospitable way I was received in your office yesterday. Never before have I been so graciously received as a new patient. The introductory orientation session offered by patient coordinator Sherrie was conducted with professional and personal grace.

The time you took to gather and share information was appreciated. I have a positive impression of the entire office. The dazzling technology, professional competence and personal concern instill a sense of confidence and gratitude.

I am grateful for this new relationship and look forward to upcoming office visits.

David Hilton

Dr. Bradd,

Our family would love to express our gratitude to you and your delightful staff. We appreciate the professionalism and congenial manner of Testerman Dental. We are always greeted with warm smiles and true sincerity regarding our oral health and dental needs.

As a mother, it is reassuring to have a partnership with a practice that strives to instill the importance of dental health to my small children. My twin daughters have always enjoyed your visits to their school. It speaks volumes of your dedication to the youngest of patients by taking time to educate them on proper oral hygiene.

Our family would proudly refer you and your associates to all we know. We have always received exceptional dental care through Testerman Dental. Our smiles will thank you for years to come!

The Bridges Family

Dear Dr. Gregg,

Thank you for your letter and gift certificates for my referrals.

It was not difficult to recommend the “best” to two of my daughters when they needed expert dental care as I discovered years ago when you helped me so much.

Let me just thank you for your expertise, patience, rebuilding my courage and giving me back a “smile” again, as you did again just recently.

Marge Martin

Dear Dr. Gregg,

Thank you for being there and helping when I had dental implants. Everything is still fine!

Mary Tallman

Dr. Testerman,

I just wanted to tell you how much everything you’ve done means to my family and I. For the first time in over 2 years I can really smile. It’s amazing to me that I can talk to people and not have to hide my mouth.

The best part of all is being able to go through an entire day pain free. My family is so happy, especially my daughter. I’ve been able to spend more time with her now that I’m not in pain anymore.

You and everyone in your office are amazing people. I am so grateful to all of you. Thank you all so much for doing all you have done, and thank you for being so kind to me.

I am blessed to have met all of you and you are all in my prayers every night.

My life has improved 100% because of you. Thank you.

I will never forget what you have done for me.

Jacqueline August

Dear Dr. Testerman and Staff,

Thank you for all you have done to help Jackie. It was truly a tremendous gift.

The transformation she has gone through is amazing. We have Jackie back, the one we knew and thought we’d never see again. She has regained her self esteem, her confidence and she actually smiles – a real smile.

We each will be forever grateful to you. You have given our family a gift that is priceless. There are not enough words to express our gratitude so please accept this thank you and know we consider you an angel.

Thank you,
Danielle August

This place is the best because they try to have as much fun as possible!!!  They give you nice things and always have nice workers.  They also have a great time with kids and encourage them to brush your teeth plus they greet people very well!!!

Zack, 11 years old

Dr. Bradd and Elle are all smiles for the Ohio State Buckeyes!

Dr. Gregg, 

My wife, Nema and I had never heard about the mini implants.  After Dr. Gregg showed us the pictures and explained, I agreed to have it.  At first I was scared, but when the soreness disappeared, I felt great.  It fitted my gums perfectly.  Nema said, “I like your teeth!”  I am happy! 

Earl B. Moore

When I got my teeth fixed, I got to watch cartoons and it didn't even hurt.

Katie Russell


Dear Dr. Gregg Testerman,

I wanted to thank Dr. Gregg and Anita for taking the time to balance my bite. Even though I was a dental assistant for 15 years, I still needed help. As a child, I was told my teeth were too straight. In my twenties, I had braces to flair out my front teeth and bring together my lower molars. In the last five years I have had my silver fillings replaced by gold inlays and onlays. It has been seventeen years since I had braces, only to discover I only had two teeth that I could chew with! After having models and measurements completed, Dr. Gregg examined how I was chewing and what needed adjustments. I had a two to three hour appointment with Dr. Gregg and Anita. They took the time to examine all movements I made with my jaw. By making minimal teeth adjustments, that same day I noticed the tight muscle in my neck had relaxed! I had ear problems, that felt like fluid in the ear, that went away too. The final thing I noticed was no snoring... my teeth fit together in a comfortable resting position. With a balanced bite I don't grind or clench constantly. It was well worth my time and money to change my quality of life.

Thank You,
Terri L. McKittrick

When relocating to a new area, one of the most difficult challenges is selecting a dental practice for dental care. Choosing Testerman Dental has been a good experience. The staff provides dental care in a pleasant professional manner - with patient satisfaction being of utmost concern. The office is located in a convenient location with a comfortable environment. Emergency care is handled promptly. Our dental experience has been superior - we recommend this practice without hesitation.

Jerry and Carol Silvertooth

Having recently moved to this area, one our biggest concerns was finding new medical and dental care. We have found that with Dr. Gregg Testerman's office. From our first phone call, we were treated professionally and courteously. He and his staff are thorough, knowledgeable and caring. The entire office spends many hours taking continuing education classes. Dr. Gregg informs us of the newest dental procedures and options, relating those back to our own personal dental health.

Everytime we have had dental work done, Dr. Gregg has taken the time for a follow-up phone call to make sure all is well.

We are pleased that we selected Dr. Testerman and confidently and proudly recommend him and Testerman Dental.

Lee and Kathy Baumann

I have been coming to Testerman Dental for at least 50 years. I started with Dr. Woody Testerman in the Bank Building. I remember him telling me he could help me keep my teeth for as long as I lived. When he retired, his son, Dr. Gregg, continued my care and yes, I still have my teeth. I appreciate all their expertise and professionalism. I feel like family.

Everett Viars


Dr. Testerman and Staff,

When I was little I would not smile because my teeth were such a mess. Thank you for giving me a new smile. Thank you for your time and patience. Here's a picture of the results of your hard work and how it positively affected my life.

Robin Vance Bellamy


Testerman Dental has taken care of the dental health of four generations of our family. We are especially impressed by the promptness and professionalism of the entire staff. The post operation calls from the doctors show us how much they care. At Community Dental Care they also want children to have a pleasant experience. Cody loves going to the dentist and repeatedly asks when his next appointment is.

The Wills Family

Dear Dr. Gregg

My compliments to you and your entire staff for the manner in which I have always been treated as a patient. My first dental experience was the Dr. Woody Testerman and it's obvious that he passed on to you his spirit, technique and tenderness. Thanks to all of you, I don't mind going to the dentist. Keep up the good work!

Lynn Wood

Dear Dr. Gregg, Kelly, Anita and Sherrie,

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for restoring my smile! I appreciate the time and care you gave to me and how quickly the process went.

Thank you once again for your artistic skills.


Kris Tabor

Dear Dr. Gregg,

I don't know where to begin! As you probably know, it's always been a dream of mine to look in the mirror and see nice straight teeth. I feel very fortunate to have met with you and had this opportunity of having you do my dental work! I always felt very comfortable with you and of course your lovely staff- everyone has been wonderful for the beginning.

It has taken a while to get everything done and I'm very, very pleased with the results.

Thank you,

Jean Moore

Dr. Gregg Testerman,

Sometimes there aren't enough Thank You's. This is one of those times. Tyra and I are both very thankful as is our family's. The first thing out of my mom's mouths was "That Dr. Testerman is a good Doctor." I thank you for Saving My Life. You and your family will be in our prayers.


Luke and Tyra Marts

Dr. Testerman,

Change is always difficult, especially when moving and finding new doctors. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that you were referred to me when I moved to Riversbend. Your staff is outstanding from the moment you walk in the door… and you always make me feel at ease with your friendly presence and easy explanations of your procedures. I just wanted to write this note to say "Thank You" and to let you know that I will be happy to recommend you to anyone looking for a GREAT DENTIST.

Gayle Tipp

Dear Dr. Bradd,

You have been a godsend. In my forty years on the earth I have never had a better dentist or experience at the dentist's office. PLEASE share that with your entire staff!

Take care, and things are going great. I really appreciate the concern you gave for my well being.

Job Well Done! Thanks for the Service

David J. Iannelli


Dr. Gregg and his staff was terriffic. He took the time to meet with me to review the options and discuss the pros and cons of each. We came up with a plan that were both comfortable wih. I am so pleased with the results!

Joe Nemeth


Dr. Bradd, Long time no see. I hope all is well. I'm still down in Raleigh and loving life. Anyways, I'm writing because I finally made it to the dentist down here (yes it has been almost 3 years). Don't get too mad, everything checked out great. I wanted to let you know that after the cleaning, the dentist came in, looked me over, and was talking about whitening (they were doing a promo). I told her I couldn't because of my veneer. She said "Wait you have a veneer? Which tooth?" I showed her and she just hit the floor. She couldn't say enough about what an amazing job you did! She just stared at it for at least a full minute, looking inside and out saying "I am so impressed" the entire time. She wanted to call you to tell you herself! I wanted to take a minute to say thank you again for a job very well done. I appreciate your all of your work and if I end up back in the Cincy area I know where I'll be going to the dentist! And I won't wait another three years!
Mike Jackson

case8 case8 For over 15 years, I have been seeing Dr. Gregg Testerman for all my dental needs. I have complete confidence and trust in his dental work and espertise. He makes sure you are satisfied with the results. I recently elected to have my teeth whitened and had my upper front teeth bonded to conceal a chipped front tooth along with other dental blemishes that have occurred over the years.

A special thanks to ALL the staff that has assisted me in this process including Dr. Gregg, Sherrie, Kim, Angie, Rae Lynn, Jamie, Mary Ann and of course Marcia who originally referred me 15 years ago! Thanks to the Testerman Team, I am no longer hiding my smile!!

Carol F.
Loveland, OH

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